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Zuanzhuan Hair Curlers Made in China 1 Year Warranty


Zuanzhuan 3X Drilling Hair Curler

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From now until February 28, 2019, if you purchase this product, you will receive one original insulated bag.

Product Features:

  • Straight, curved, shiny three-in-one / upgrade faster, brighter, longer lasting
  • 30 seconds preheating 20% speedup
  • Black Titanium Coating Roller and Curved Smoothing Plate
  • 20% speed increase-two-way automatic rotation roller
  • Two reels (19mm/32mm)
  • Two lines of special negative ion brush comb
  • The four temperatures are self-adjusting (140°C, 157°C, 195°C, 218°C +/- 15°C)
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Heatproof cover anti-scald protection Intelligent power off

Other Information:

Country of Origin: China

Voltage (volts): 220-240V/50Hz

Maintenance: 1 year (more than 3 months online registration)

Accessories: Anti-scalding cover, cooling head

Use suggestions:

Applicable to all hair types, especially long hair and natural hair.
In addition to straightening hair, you can create perfect spiral curls, create a more compact curling shape that flips up and down, and increases the fluffiness and fullness of the hairstyle.
The self-adjusting floating heating plate makes the hair made smoother and brighter, making the straight hair more natural.

Zuanzhuan drill turn, it is the United States Instyler introduction of advanced technology, is a revolutionary straightening, hair color and glossy hair styling tool triple. The metal thermal roller design has won more than 40 patents issued, and has successfully sold more than 25 million pieces worldwide, which is sought after by many well-known hair stylists and Artists.

Zuanzhuan automatically rotates the drill turn heated roller with a new and improved solid titanium black technology, increased heat resistance and a lighter body and safety, but also to protect hair from damage due to exposure to high temperatures, and so The hair becomes shiny and beautiful.

30 seconds after the power is turned on rapid heating, automatic temperature heating, up to 250 ° C, is a professional salon series; home spend around easily. Available in 19mm and 32mm diameter movable rollers.