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XD Design Backpacks Made in China

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XD Design Bobby Montmartre Safety Burglar Backpack Generation Dutch Brand

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Product Features:

Why are you unemployed?

  • First of all, you can't find the zipper. Concealed zipper design, want to steal does not know where to start. Even if you want to open your bag in public, you can choose the opening angle (30°, 90°, 180°). If you open it at 30°, others can't see what is inside, 100 points in privacy. .
  • Montmartre uses a total of five cut-proof fabrics, and the multi-layered cover also makes the backpack safer and more secure. The outer layer uses 300D/600D fabric, plus 6mm anti-collision sponge layer, as well as double-layer cut-proof fabric, cut-proof protection PP 2pcs, cut and cut off

Humanity Design

  • In addition to security features, XD Design works with a variety of human designs to make life more convenient and comfortable
  • Hide small pockets for easy storage
  • Luminous, safe design without dead ends
  • Mobile power connector, as long as the mobile power is connected to the bag, you can charge it through the external connector, no need to hold the mobile power in one hand, and hold the mobile phone in one hand
  • Humanized weight-bearing design, reducing the burden of 20%
  • The little backpack has an incredible capacity because of its orderly compartments

Other Information:

  • Size: 44 x 34 x 20 cm
  • Materials: Polyester

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