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風車出版 Windmill Books Made in China Age 6+

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Windmill Publishing Windmill World Classic Story Series 4 Taiwan Import

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Product Features:

Aesop's Fables Picture Book
1. The book contains 50 Aesop's fables that are loved by children all over the world.
2. The story is short but profound, allowing the child to understand the true meaning of life in a relaxed reading and slowly comprehend the philosophy of life.
3. The text of the book is easy to understand, with full-color illustrations with varied styles, attracting attention and increasing reading interest.

Greek mythology picture book
1. Contains 32 Greek and Roman myths based on world culture and history.
2. Carefully select interesting stories from Greek and Roman mythology so that children can read them easily and interestingly.
3. The content of the adventure story in the world where God and people live together, with vivid pictures, let the children learn courage and wisdom, and cultivate imagination.

World Classic Fairy Picture Book
1. The book includes 23 life-changing stories and deeds of Faber, Nightingale, Columbus, Gandhi, etc., which give the children more inspiration.
2. This book will be a long biography of great people, arranged and drawn for the reading angle of children aged 6~12 years old, let the children read one article every day, get more life wisdom from reading.
3. With the changing style of painting, patterns, and the wisdom of the great people, let the children more into the story of the book.

World's Great Story Book
1. This book contains 21 classic fairy tales that are popular among children from all over the world.
2. Share classic fairy tales with children from all over the world and experience the original touch.
3. Lessons, dreams and adventures from the book can cultivate children's infinite imagination and correct direction of life.