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風車出版 Windmill Books Made in China Age 5+

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Windmill Publishing Windmill 5 years old Hu Hui's NEW Mind Development 1 set of 5 Taiwan imports

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Product Features:
Walk the Labyrinth: This book aims to develop and improve the child's ability to communicate, observe, think, and focus on the children's favorite maze game. In the happy game, the child's intelligence will increase rapidly.

puzzle game: This book is designed so that children have given birth in the game and in life "knowledge and creativity." In the pleasant learning process, the children's curiosity will be stimulated, and the knowledge and ability will be significantly improved.

wisdom jigsaw puzzle: This book is aimed at children's ability to obtain wisdom from the game and life training. In the pleasant training process, the child's ability to observe, judge, think, reason, and so on.

manual paradise: Use this book can effectively be cut, fold, paste and other manual cut and paste exercise, but also allows children to use to complete the work, carried joy of the game, dexterity hands during training, culture creativity.

math game: This book is designed to encounter children from life "number", there is a learning game system to sort out. Practice in a happy game, the child's ability to understand the logarithm will be greatly improved.

■ Product Features
New Mind Development Series is designed to allow children to develop their abilities in a variety of happy and repetitive exercises. The series is edited by age group, and any child can start easily and step by step.
■ Author introduction
Chiba University, Japan Professor Emeritus Akira Tago

GAKKEN WORKBOOKS series is a famous Japanese child psychologist, 30 years of theoretical studies of early child education expert Professor AKIRA TAGO integration make
total sales over 3900 Thousands of volumes, keen psychological analysis and new theory of early childhood intellectual development have been well received.