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thinkThin Nutrition Bars Made in USA

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thinkThin think! High Protein Bars


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  • thinkThin現在正在思考!隨著我們過渡,我們的包裝可能會有所不同。

  • 20克蛋白質:我們最高的蛋白質棒是面向尋求多功能營養棒的消費者,該棒可以與一塊水果搭配,從增能小吃到代餐。幫助支持瘦肌肉,肌肉恢復和生長以及飽腹感。

  • 0克糖:不含人造甜味劑-不含三氯蔗糖,糖精,阿斯巴甜,乙酰磺胺酸鉀,紐甜或輔助用糖。非常適合那些觀看糖分攝入量(低GI)的人。

  • 我們為選擇不含麩質,不含GMO *和不含人造色素或香料的猶太潔食而感到自豪。 *所有成分均未經基因工程處理。


Product Information:

  • thinkThin is now think! Our packaging may vary as we transition. 

  • 20 grams protein: Our highest protein bar is for consumers seeking a multipurpose nutritional bar that can go from an energy boosting snack to a meal replacement when paired with a piece of fruit. Helps support lean muscle, muscle recovery and growth, and satiety.

  • 0 grams Sugar: No artificial sweeteners - Does not contain sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, neotame or advantame. Great for those watching their sugar intake (low GI).

  • We take pride in selecting ingredients that are gluten free, GMO Free* and Kosher with no artificial colors or flavors. *All ingredients have been produced without genetic engineering.