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Taste of the Wild Dog Food Made in USA

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Taste of the Wild Dog Food Grain Free Formula Adult Dog

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The cat has gradually become a friend of humanity after training. However, science confirms that they still like non-artificial food. As a result, Taste of the Wild ® has developed a range of formulations to suit their tastes, providing the darling with natural, delicious, balanced and safe nutrition.

  • Select genuine meats (such as deer, bison, salmon, duck, wild boar and squid), honey sauce or smoked meat is delicious, providing unique animal protein to help build strong muscles.
  • Select top-quality, pure natural ingredients, no grains and by-products, and stay away from sensitive sources, giving cats and dogs a distinguished enjoyment.
  • Mix a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits such as chickpeas, peas, lentils, blueberries, raspberries and tomatoes. It is rich in natural antioxidants and delays aging.
  • The exclusive K9 Strain® and Viables® probiotics promote digestion and absorption, further enhancing cat resistance. Yucca plant extracts improve intestinal function, reduce fecal odor, and let you get close to the darling.
  • Sea fish meal and canola oil are rich sources of Omega fatty acids, which effectively improve skin health and thick and supple hair, preventing external virus invasion.
  • The chelated minerals are more effectively digested and absorbed, ensuring that the darlings absorb enough minerals to get the best out of their darling.
  • High-quality materials are easy to digest, have excellent mouthfeel, enhance body resistance, and promote overall health.
High protein
contains 32% protein, providing 100% comprehensive and balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

High energy, build strong muscles
Select a variety of meats such as roasted bison and roast venison, rich in protein with 18% fat, especially suitable for dogs with high exercise.

Repairing skin, radiant hair
Equilibrium Omega fatty acids help to improve dryness or sensitive skin and make hair radiant.

Deferred aging
Peas, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries A variety of fruits and vegetables are rich in natural antioxidants, effectively delaying aging.
Improve the quality of feces
The superior ingredients have a very high digestibility, less feces and firm. Yucca extract helps reduce fecal odor.

Cleaning the teeth
The crispy particles help to clean the teeth and keep the mouth healthy.

Strengthen Resistance
K9 Strain® Probiotics strengthen the digestive system and further enhance resistance.


Fresh bison (12%), mutton powder, chicken powder, sweet potato, peas, potatoes, canola oil, egg products, beef, roasted venison (4%) , tomato residue, potato protein, pea protein, marine fish meal, minerals, dried chicory root, tomato, blueberry, raspberry, yucca extract.

Coarse protein Minimum 32.0%
Rough fat Minimum 18.0%

Calorie content: 3,719 calories/kg