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SmartyPants Vitamins & Supplements Made in USA

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SmartyPants Kids Prebiotic and Probiotic Immunity Formula Multivitamin Gummy 60 Gummies

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  • 益生元和益生菌免疫配方:可咀嚼的膠狀維生素,適用於具有益生元和益生菌的孩子,以增強免疫力和支持消化系統健康-全部合為一體。*

  • 過敏原:非轉基因項目已驗證。素食主義者沒有合成色素,人造香料或甜味劑。不含麩質,明膠,牛奶,雞蛋,貝類,大豆,花生,小麥,魚和堅果。無需冷藏。

  • 方向:對於3歲及以上的兒童,每天應服用兩(2)顆軟糖。可以帶或不帶食物一起服用。徹底咀嚼每個軟糖。

  • 95%的可生存性:每份孢子形式的CFU為70億美元-95%可以存活到您的下消化道,在那裡可以旺盛生長並支持有益細菌的生長。

  • 純度和價值的最高評分:所有SmartyPant補充劑均通過了Clean Label Project認證,是產品純度和價值的最高評分。因此,您始終可以放心,您將為自己和家人獲得最安全,最清潔的產品。


Product Information:

  • PREBIOTIC AND PROBIOTIC IMMUNITY FORMULA: Chewable gummy vitamin for kids with prebiotics and probiotics to boost immunity and support digestive health  - all in one.*

  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY: Non-GMO Project Verified. Vegan. No synthetic colors, artificial flavor or sweeteners. Free of gluten, gelatin, milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, peanut, wheat, fish and tree nuts. No refrigeration required.

  • DIRECTIONS: For children 3 years of age and older, take two (2) gummies daily. May be taken with or without food. Chew each gummy thoroughly.

  • 95% SURVIVABILITY: 7 billion CFU per serving in spore form – 95% will reach your lower digestive tract alive where it can flourish and support the growth of good bacteria.

  • TOP RATING FOR PURITY AND VALUE: All SmartyPants supplements are Clean Label Project certified, the highest rating for product purity and value. So you can always trust you’re getting the safest, cleanest products possible for you and your family.