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Lowra rouge Hair Dryers Made in China

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Lowra rouge low-radiation negative ion electric air tube Japanese brand

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Product Features:

  • The Japanese Lowra Rouge electric air cylinder is a Japanese invention patented product. It is manufactured with a low electromagnetic wave heating frame, so that the position of the air outlet is close to zero radiation. Pregnant women and children can use high-pressure moist negative ions, and negative ions penetrate into the gap between the hair scales. Fully replenish moisture to the hair, making the hair shiny and smooth.
  • The bio-ceramic block of the air outlet generates heat to generate far-infrared rays, which causes the water molecules to evaporate quickly and reduce the tail-end bifurcation.
  • No electromagnetic radiation, high-pressure wet negative ions make hair smooth, and far infrared rays dry quickly
  • Charging time: no need to charge

Other Information:

  • Product Origin: Made in China, Japanese Technology
  • Product Model: CL-101
  • Product Specifications: Color: Cherry Blossom, Sky Blue, Iron Sand Ash
  • Weight: 335g (with wind nozzle 340g)
  • Product packaging: box
  • Product Materials: PC Material
  • Product voltage (specify socket type): 220V-240V Maximum power: 1000W Rated frequency: 50HZ Line length: 2M
  • Shelf life: no
  • Product Warranty: 1 year
  • Accessories (accessories): 1 air collector, 3 filters
  • How to use: Use a towel to completely wipe off the moisture on your hair, then use your fingers to comb the hair while drying the entire hair with warm air.
  • Scope: Hair
  • Applicable people: hair donkeys
  • Note:
1. Do not lick the handle position. Please pay attention to the indication indicated by the handle. It needs to be rotated inward and retracted.
2. After using the II file for a long time, the thermostat will start and the power will be cut off temporarily. This is not a malfunction of the body. Even in the I file, you can use the far-infrared function to blow the hair. At the beginning, you can use the II file to blow the moisture on the whole hair, and then use the I file to blow the hair, which can achieve a more appropriate effect.
3. When you need to replace the filter, please pay attention to the tail △ mark. After rotating in the direction of the arrow, you can remove the air inlet cover.
4. Please clean the filter regularly to avoid damage to the machine.
5. The product is not waterproof.
  • After-sales description: This product is imported from Japan. It is inevitable that the outer packaging box will be slightly worn during the loading and unloading of this product. This is a normal range of customers. Our products are produced by regular manufacturers. Due to different physical conditions, such as problems during use, please contact us in time, we will provide the manufacturer's information to you. Please read the instructions and precautions carefully when purchasing. If the company is not responsible for any problems caused by improper use, this product will not be returned once sold!
  • This product is provided by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan agents and enjoys 1 year agent maintenance.

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