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ides Tricycles Made in China Age 1+


ides COMPO FIT multi-function folding child tricycle Japanese brand

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Product Features;

  • The only foldable tricycle setup
  • Japan ides company designed the best tricycle, so consider the following three points when designing the COMPO FIT tricycle!

    • Safety – 3-point seat belt (detachable), safety guardrail (detachable), tricycle rear wheel lock, alloy body is very durable
    • Comfort – equipped with sun block (detachable), cushioned seat, extra-thick shock-absorbing wheels. In addition to the left to take care of the BB needs, even the father and mum are considered, it is easy to push the direction of the push rod (detachable), can be extended and shortened to match the parents of different heights. Even the 6-foot-tall mom and dad can comfortably push the tricycle, wash and cold back.
    • Flexibility – A lot of accessories can be assembled and disassembled as needed, and it is more convenient to clean. Another easy-opening/folding tricycle can be controlled with one hand
  • Easy one-push folding or unfolding tricycle function, one-handed control
  • Bicycle alarm bell: Ding ding ding~~ Let the children warn others to pay attention to safety
  • The front wheel idling lock function does not affect the speed of the children's front wheel pedal when the adult pushes the tricycle.
  • Rear wheel safety lock: Like the BB car, it can tightly lock the rear wheel of the tricycle
  • Extra-thick shock-absorbing single wheel:
  • [Removable - Safety Guardrail] Soft waist protection BB
  • [Removable - 3-point seat belt] Enhanced protection of the BB on the tricycle
  • [Removable – UV protection sun hood] Protect BB from sunburn
  • [Removable - Rear storage bag] Extra large storage space
  • [Removable - Steering lever] - Retractable design (5 height settings), even 6-foot-tall adults also push the height to push the tricycle. Comfortable and secure handles make it easier for adults to change the direction of the tricycle.
  • [Removable - Foldable small BB foot pedal] - Openable design allows the smaller BB to place your foot on the foot.
  • As the children grow up, they can remove the detachable accessories that are no longer needed.

Other Information:

  • W455×L670×H1060mm (when used)
  • W455×L440×H720mm (when folded)
  • Applicable for 1 to 4 years old