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Harrow Pest Control Traps Made in China


Harrow intelligent light control UV-LED purple light mosquito lamp

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Black with three-pin plug
White White with three-pin plug
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Product Features

  • Mother and baby level mosquito lamp, pure physical mosquito design, healthy, radiation-free and environmentally friendly
  • Innovative light control automatic switch design, automatic start-up work in the dark
  • UV-LED violet light is enhanced to 360-420 band, which is more attractive to mosquitoes
  • The top light source is designed to fit the 360-degree mosquito trap window, making it easier to catch mosquitoes
  • The patented air duct system, equipped with a high-speed fan, greatly enhances the vortex cyclone suction
  • Three-speed air volume mode, strong suction, normal, sleep, quieter and more environmentally friendly
  • DC 5V safe voltage, suitable for a variety of power requirements, such as charging treasure and laptop
  • Extra long power cord with USB interface, convenient for anywhere, such as outdoor camping
  • Rotary and convenient mosquito design makes cleaning easier
  • International CE certification, safe and reliable, 1 year original maintenance