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G2T Evaporative Coolers Made in China 1 Year Warranty


G2T ICE Portable Negative Ion Micro Air Conditioner Taiwan Brand Parallel Import HelloKitty Edition

Pre-ordered 2021-06-28

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G2T - ICE Portable Negative Ion Micro Air Conditioner Taiwan Brand Parallel Import (Hello Kitty Edition)

Product Features:

  • Smart Balanced Body Design: The exclusive patented water supply architecture prevents you from leaking or spilling water when you use it, whether it's moving quickly or shaking your product.
  • G2T-ICE's unique movement design is designed to effectively filter the dust, allergens, and PM2.5 harmful substances in the air, making your breathing healthier and more secure.
  • The movement module inside G2T-ICE is made of special material fiber, which naturally emits cool air without any damage to the environment. The special honeycomb design allows the movement to exert a powerful cool air volatilization effect in a very small area. Let G2T-ICE be powerful, yet powerful.
  • Nano Silver Yarn Bag: The sink is equipped with a nano silver yarn package, which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and algae, and maintain product cleanliness and user health
  • Portable Handle: An ergonomically designed portable handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere, anytime
  • Adjustable wind direction: manually adjust the wind direction fan blades in both directions up and down
  • Water level observation hole: side water level observation hole: can clearly understand the current water level
  • Light source indication: LED light indication and illumination, so that you can easily understand the current water level and increase the water supply in the dark

Other Information:

  • Place of Origin: Taiwanese Technology, Continental Assembly
  • Brand: G2T
  • Color: Pink White
  • Blowing range: 2 square meters
  • Scope: 40-60 cm
  • Water tank capacity: 200ml
  • Usage time: about 2~4 hours of water level
  • Temperature reduction range: Up to 4-12 °C (depending on ambient humidity level)
  • Noise level: 50dB at maximum wind speed
  • Product size: L 151mm * W 145mm * H 136mm
  • Package size: L172mm * W162mm* H164mm
  • Weight: 680grams (Without water)
  • Power Demand & Power: 5V DC, Micro USB, 15W
  • Connection: Micro USB connector
  • Nano filter replacement time: It is recommended to change the movement every three months for the best performance
  • Nano wallet replacement time: 1 year
  • Noise level: 50 dB at maximum wind speed
  • Composition: Host*1, Nano Silver Packet*1, Nano Filter Cartridge*1, USB Wiring*1, Instruction Manual*1
  • Warranty period: one year (After the purchase, you can check with Suchprice. Suchprice will respond to the supplier. It takes about 3 working days to respond. Please be patient)
Installation :
  • Step 1. Reverse G2T-ICE
  • Step 2. Open the movement cover
  • Step 3. Remove the movement module
  • (Reinsert a new movement module)
  • Step 4. Turn off the movement to open the cover
Easy user interface:
  • Function key (air volume selection)
  • (a) Short press: Wind speed control Low/medium/high (three-stage air volume)
  • (b) Long press : Turn off the LED display (sleep mode)
  • Power button (on/off): Tap the power button to turn G2T-ICE on/off
  • Sleep mode: Press and hold the function key to turn off the LED light when sleeping
  1. The ambient humidity is below 70%, and the effect of cooling and cooling is more obvious in the dryer environment.
  2. The negative ion ice-cooling fan is a personal portable miniature ice-cooling fan. The best use distance is about 40~60cm.
  3. The filter core is an exclusive patented filter element that can be used for about 4~6 months. It can be replaced according to the filter condition when using.
  4. When moving to another location, it is recommended to vent the water in the container to avoid water spillage when moving.
  1. Please read the instructions carefully before use.
  2. It needs to be powered by mobile power. The output voltage and current of the mobile power supply are at least 5V and 2.1A or more.
  3. If the output voltage and current of the mobile power supply are less than 5V/2.1A, the cold effect may not be obvious.
  4. When the filter is too dirty, replace the filter to avoid a drop in the cooling function.
Reasons for not buying it
  • Exclusive patented nano filter fast cooling technology
  • The filter core is arranged in a honeycomb arrangement. The cooling effect is stronger
  • Gaseous water molecules produce negative ion air after friction
  • The product has the function of clean and humid air of negative ions
  • The world's first 360-degree dumping design
  • Environmental, energy saving, energy saving No compressors and refrigerants are required

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