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Fotex™ 芙特斯 Sleeping Bags Made in Taiwan

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FotexTM Children's Dust-proof Four Seasons Sleeping Bag Taiwan Brand

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FotexTM Children's Dust-proof Four Seasons Sleeping Bag Taiwan Brand Hong Kong licensed (7 models)

Product Features:

  • Table cloth 100% cotton cloth, advanced sandwich lathe
    • The table cloth is made of high-grade 100% cotton material. It is printed with big clock and dyed with cute and colorful patterns. It is washable, wear-resistant, not easy to pilling, not easy to fade, soft and comfortable and breathable. The table cloth adopts advanced sandwich lathe. Paving cotton twice, the surface is not visible, it is very suitable for children
  • Smitting and comfortable
    • The anti-mite material utilizes the characteristics of composite ultra-slim fiber to achieve high moisture conductivity, moisture absorption and perspiration, and there are numerous pores in the fabric that make the skin feel breathable, so in dry and wet conditions, the skin is in contact with it. Its breathability, moisture permeability and heat preservation state are above the average person's pursuit of bedding comfort standards
  • With warmth inside the baby
    • The touch is soft, elastic and breathable, not easy to collapse, plus the exquisite car cotton, the inner cotton is not easy to be deformed and hardened due to long-term use
  • It can be washed in whole or separately.
    • Fotex children's anti-mite afternoon/sleeping bag lining is made of physical three-dimensional tight weaving technology, the anti-mite effect will not be reduced by washing, and it is confirmed by American IBT laboratory certification. After use and cleaning, After 50 times of cleaning in the professional washing test process, it still does not affect the anti-mite effect, and can effectively block dust mites for a long time. There is a hidden zipper on the inside of the sleeping bag. The tire and the small pillow can be taken out. The tire can be soaked in water, the tile can be dehydrated, and the sleeping bag can be thrown into the washing machine for washing. Easily cleaned
  • Used in winter and summer, there are cotton + thick tires + small pillow + transparent storage bag
    • The sleeping bag cover has a cotton cloth and a thick tire. After the tire is taken out, the sleeping bag has a cool thickness and can be used alone. Fully open as winter quilt, cool quilt or cushion, available in winter and summer
  • Made in Taiwan
    • 100% made in Taiwan, high quality, carefully selected safety materials, let you buy and use peace of mind
  • International Certification
    • US IBT Lab (Respiratory Immune System Authority) Flood Control Certification
    • US IBT Laboratory Wash Certification
    • Certified by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
    • SGS Safety Fabric Certification

Other Information:

  • Size: 60 x 150cm
    • (open) 120 x 150cm
    • (with a child pillow 35 x 53cm)
    • The actual size error is between ±3cm
  • Applicable for infants from 8 months to 8 years old
  • Instructions for use
    • Winter and summer use: The sleeping bag set has a car cloth cotton, and there is a thick tire inside. After taking out the tire, the sleeping bag is like a cool thickness, which can be used alone
    • Sleeping bag single-opening zipper breathable: The sleeping bag is fully pulled up to prevent baby kicking, and the zipper of the sleeping bag's foot can be opened, so that the ankle is comfortable and breathable like a cover
    • Tile up to cover, or pad: L-shaped zipper design, fully open the sleeping bag from the side, tiled to be used when the cover is used, or when the pad is used
    • Folding into a bag, high mobility: It can be used in homes, schools, and security classes to prevent children from kicking, folding and storing sleeping bags into bags for easy carrying and storage
  • Color table cloth washing method
    • The sleeping bag color cotton table cloth can be washed in the washing machine, the water temperature is below 30 °C, and it can be dried naturally.
    • Can be ironed below 120°C.
    • Do not use bleach
    • No dry cleaning
    • Do not dry
    • Please wash the first time into the laundry bag according to the normal procedure, do not soak
    • After cleaning, please take out the washing machine as soon as possible to dry it
  • Anti-mite inner washing method
    • Open the zipper of the anti-mite bedding set and put it in the laundry bag
    • It can be washed by machine, the water temperature is below 60 degrees Celsius; about 55 degrees to 60 degrees, the cleaning effect is best
    • Can be dried below 90 degrees
    • Can be ironed, the temperature must not exceed 120 degrees Celsius
    • No dry cleaning
    • Do not use bleach

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