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The Genius Brand Genius Mindfulness 30 Veggie Capsules

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  • 對抗壓力和焦慮–在一個充滿干擾的世界中,指尖無盡的樂趣,比以往任何時候都更要注意和意識我們的心理健康。這種抗壓力和焦慮補充劑不僅可以促進放鬆,還可以促進腎上腺疲勞和記憶。

  • 增強關注度和注意力–隨著技術的不斷刺激,越來越多的人發現很難集中註意力並鎖定很長一段時間。天才正念是一種大腦增強劑,可增強情緒,注意力和健康的衰老。

  • 讓您的腎上腺休息–數百萬美國人的腎上腺健康狀況不佳,甚至一無所知。症狀包括疲倦,難以入睡和醒來,渴望吃鹽和糖,無法解釋的體重減輕,對咖啡因等刺激物的依賴以及非特異性的消化問題。該產品包含Ashwagandha的商標版本,可幫助降低皮質醇水平。

  • 平靜心靈 - 一整天不斷佔據您腦海的想法可能非常有力。每個人都應以積極愉快的思想養活自己的思想,這一點很重要。該產品有助於提高情緒,使思想和身體平靜,並使您成為自己。您的手機,社交媒體和夜間新聞都將您帶走。現在該按預期的方式進行生活了。是你銘記。是天才。

  • 藍莓的力量x10 - 由於AuroraBlue專有的藍莓複合物的營養益處,Genius Mindfulness還可作為抗氧化劑補充劑。與競爭對手可能只使用藍莓提取物來收穫這種水果的天然能量不同,AuroraBlue利用了整個漿果濃縮物。


Product Information:

  • FIGHT STRESS & ANXIETY – In a world full of distractions, and endless pleasure at our finger tips it is more important than ever to be mindful and conscious of our mental health. This anti stress & anxiety supplement not only promotes relaxation but also adrenal fatigue & memory support.

  • INCREASE FOCUS & ATTENTION – With constant stimuli from technology more and more people find it hard to focus and lock in for long sustained periods of time. Genius Mindfulness is a Brain booster supplement that enhances mood, focus, and healthy aging.

  • GIVE YOUR ADRENALS A BREAK – Millions of Americans suffer from poor adrenal health and don’t even know it. Symptoms include tiredness, trouble getting to sleep and waking up, craving salt and sugar, unexplained weight loss, reliance on stimulants such as caffeine, and nonspecific digestive problems. This product contains a trademarked version of Ashwagandha which helps reduce cortisol levels.

  • CALM THE MIND – The thoughts constantly occupying your mind throughout the day can be extremely powerful. It is important that everyone feeds their mind with positive and happy thoughts. This product helps boost mood, calm the mind and the body and allow you to simply be you. Your cell phone, social media, & the nightly news all take you out. It’s time to be tap in and live life the way it was intended to. Be you. Be Mindful. Be Genius.

  • THE POWER OF BLUEBERRIES x10 - Genius Mindfulness acts additionally as an antioxident supplement thanks to the nutritional benefits of AuroraBlue's proprietary blueberry complex. Unlike competitors who may only use a blueberry extract to harvest the natural power of this fruit, AuroraBlue utilizes a whole berry concentrate.