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Nature's Bounty Sleep3 30 Tri-Layered Tablets

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  • 100%無藥助睡眠:Nature's Bounty Sleep3是最大強度的100%無藥睡眠助劑,它使用三重作用時間釋放技術和10mg褪黑素

  • L-硫氨酸和夜間草藥混合物:鎮靜的L-茶氨酸與夜間草藥洋甘菊,薰衣草,檸檬香脂和纈草根提取物的混合物,可幫助您放鬆身心

  • 10毫克褪黑素:褪黑素可幫助您快速入睡,而褪色素可與身體的自然睡眠週期配合使用,幫助您在偶爾失眠時保持更長的睡眠時間

  • 保證的質量和經過實驗室測試的質量:近50年來,我們一直在製造可靠的產品,並以科學為後盾,並且僅使用最純淨的成分製成

  • 適合素食者:非轉基因,無人造香料或甜味劑,無糖,無牛奶,無乳糖,無大豆,無酵母,無魚。無鈉


Product Information:

  • 100% DRUG-FREE SLEEP AID: Nature's Bounty Sleep3 is a maximum-strength, 100% drug-free sleep aid that uses Triple Action Time Release Technology with 10mg of Melatonin

  • L-THEANINE & Nighttime herbal blend: Calming L-Theanine combined with a blend of nighttime herbs chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and valerian root extracts help you relax and unwind

  • 10 MG of melatonin: Quick release melatonin helps you fall asleep fast, while time release melatonin works with your body's natural sleep cycle to help you stay asleep longer, when experiencing occasional sleeplessness

  • Guaranteed quality and laboratory tested: For nearly 50 years we have been making trusted products, backed by science, and made with only the purest ingredients guaranteed

  • Suitable for vegetarians: Non-GMO, no artificial flavor or sweetener, no sugar, no milk, no lactose, no soy, no yeast, no fish. sodium free