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Aveeno Shampoo Made in Canada

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Aveeno Oat Milk Blend Shampoo 354ml

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  • 平衡保濕:燕麥是這種頭皮舒緩,農場新鮮的洗髮露中的第一成分,注入杏仁奶,可輕柔地滋養從根部到尖端的柔軟髮絲,並具有健康的頭皮。

  • 適合所有髮質:這款洗髮水為日常使用和所有髮質提供均衡的水分,是整個家庭的理想之選。不含硫酸鹽,染料和對羥基苯甲酸酯,對染髮的頭髮安全

  • 受農場新鮮啟發:我們生產的護髮產品可促進健康的頭髮和頭皮,從洗髮水和護髮素到發膜,免洗奶,噴霧和油脂。

  • 舒緩特性:自1945年以來,我們就一直是值得信賴的家用品牌。我們以皮膚和護髮產品而聞名,該產品將燕麥的舒緩特性用於身體,面部和頭皮。

  • 從頭到尾的美麗秀發:我們的護髮產品與健康成分完美平衡,有助於舒緩頭皮,滋養髮絲,從頭到尾打造美麗秀發。


Product Information:

  • BALANCED MOISTURE: Oat is the first ingredient in this scalp-soothing, farm-fresh inspired shampoo infused with almond milk for lightly nourished, soft strands from root to tip and a healthy scalp

  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This shampoo offers balanced moisture for daily use & all hair types, a perfect blend for an entire family. It's free of sulfates, dyes & parabens & safe for color treated hair

  • FARM FRESH INSPIRED: We make hair care products that promote healthy hair & scalp, from shampoo & conditioner to hair masks, leave-in milks, mists & oils.

  • SOOTHING PROPERTIES: We've been a trusted household brand since 1945. We're best known for our skin & hair care products, where oat's soothing properties are put to work on body, face and scalp

  • BEAUTIFUL HAIR FROM ROOT TO TIP: Our hair care products are blended in perfect balance with wholesome ingredients to help soothe your scalp and nourish your strands for beautiful hair from root to tip