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Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry Kid's Gummies 60 Gummies

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  • 用接骨木漿果製成:黑接骨木漿果提取物已標準化為生物活性成分(類黃酮)-傳統上用於免疫支持*

  • 支持健康的免疫功能*:由維生素C和鋅製成,可支持健康的免疫功能*。

  • 專為兒童配製,建議給2-3歲的兒童(每天1顆橡皮糖)和4歲以上的兒童(每天2顆軟糖)推薦劑量很棒的品嚐!

  • 不含麵筋,人工色素,人工香料和明膠。


Product Information:

  • MADE WITH ELDERBERRY: Black elderberry extract standardized to BioActives (flavonoids) - traditionally used for immune support*

  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY IMMUNE FUNCTION*: Made with Vitamin C and Zinc to support healthy immune function*.

  • Specially formulated for kids, with recommended dosing for children ages 2-3 (1 gummy daily) and children ages 4 and older (2 gummies daily)

  • Great tasting!

  • Contains no gluten, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring and gelatin.