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Natrol Vitamin B12 Strawberry Fast Dissolve 200 Tablets


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  • 對健康細胞至關重要 – 維生素B-12是生產健康神經和血細胞的重要元素。健康的血細胞有助於清除體內的二氧化碳和其他毒素。

  • 有助於神經系統的整體健康;儲存在陰涼,乾燥的地方。

  • 促進能量 – Natrol維生素B-12中的活性成分可在人體的所有能量途徑中提供高效B-12,以支持能量產生。

  • 支持健康的神經系統 – 在Natrol B-12中快速溶解5000mcg B-12片劑可為健康的血細胞提供支持,並有助於神經系統的整體健康。

  • 美味 – Natrol維生素B-12無需水即可輕鬆服用,並具有可隨時隨地品嚐的美味草莓味。這些片劑是純天然的甜味和調味料,以及100%的素食主義者

  • 先進的配方 – Natrol快速溶解片具有快速溶解技術,其溶解速度是其他藥丸的30倍。


Product Information:

  • VITAL FOR HEALTHY CELLS – Vitamin B-12 is an essential element for the production of healthy nerve and blood cells. Healthy blood cells help to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins from your body.

  • Contributes to the overall health of the nervous system; Store in a cool, dry place.

  • PROMOTES ENERGY – The active ingredients in Natrol Vitamin B-12 supply high-potency B-12 throughout the body’s energy pathways to support energy production.

  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY NERVOUS SYSTEM – Fast Dissolving 5000mcg B-12 tablets in Natrol B-12 delivers support for healthy blood cells and contributes to the overall health of the nervous system.

  • GREAT TASTE – Natrol Vitamin B-12 is easy to take without water and has a great tasting strawberry flavor that can be taken anytime and anywhere. These tablets are all-naturally sweetened and flavored as well as 100% vegetarian

  • ADVANCED FORMULATION – Natrol Fast Dissolve tablets have rapid dissolving technology that dissolves 30 times faster than other pills.