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Aquasana Water Filters Made in USA 1 Year Warranty


Aquasana AQ-RO3 reverse osmosis activated carbon water filter installation service to pay

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Product introduction

  • Net pure water
    • Aquasana OptimH2O reverse osmosis activated carbon water filter gives you a great drinking experience. The OptimH2O reverse osmosis activated carbon water filter breaks the tradition and combines powerful reverse osmosis water purification technology with Claryum® selective filtration technology and adds remineralization to create mineral-rich clean pure water.
    • Ordinary reverse osmosis water filters remove pollutants and minerals. Aquasana OptimH2O reverse osmosis activated carbon water filter removes most harmful substances while maintaining healthy minerals in the water, adding points to your health.

Design Features

  • Innovative remineralization device
    • Re-distribute the minerals lost in the reverse osmosis filtration process to purified water, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc., so that the purified water is remineralized, and the pH of the purified water is balanced to achieve weak alkaline drinking water. The ideal state.
  • Easy filter replacement
    • The product design simplifies the filter replacement process. The activated carbon filter element and Claryum® filter element are environmentally friendly and can be easily unscrewed and replaced.
  • Quick filtering
    • Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse osmosis activated carbon water filter has a higher flow rate and can be used to drink clean, healthy drinking water without waiting!

Removable contaminants

  • 95% fluoride and mercury
  • 97% chlorine and arsenic
  • 99% lead and asbestos
  • The common reverse osmosis water filter filters 5-15 contaminants, and the Aquasana OptimH2O reverse osmosis activated carbon filter filters up to 79 contaminants in water!
  • Strongly filtering out fluorides
    • The reverse osmosis water filter can effectively filter fluoride in tap water. The Aquasana OptimH2O reverse osmosis activated carbon filter filters more than 95% of the fluoride in the raw water while retaining the minerals in the water.

Certification and Awards

  • Almighty Water Filter Expert, NSF Gold Level Certification
    • Tested and certified by NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, P473 and 58 to filter contaminants declared on the Data Performance Statement.

Other Information:

  • Main body size: 30.5 cm × 11.4 cm × 31.8cm (length × width × height)
  • Water storage tank size: 40.6 cm × 27.8 cm (height x diameter)
  • Recommended filter replacement time: Carbon rod filter and Claryum ® filter: 6 months; reverse osmosis membrane filter and remineralization unit: 1 year
  • Day throughput: 50.42 liters
  • Operating pressure range: 275.8-689.5 kpa
  • Operating temperature range: 4.44-37.78°C
  • includes:
    • Host body
    • Carbon filter cartridge
    • Reverse osmosis membrane filter
    • Claryum® filter
    • Remineralization device
    • Leader
    • Water storage tank
    • Other installation parts
  • *The installation service can be reserved. The basic installation fee is HK$1,100. (only applicable to Hong Kong)
  • Important note: Make sure all the parts shown are complete before the installation begins. If any parts are missing or damaged, do not attempt to install this water filter. Do not purchase parts to replace the original parts. Use parts made by other manufacturers (except faucets) may result in decreased product filtration performance, system damage or malfunction, and may void your warranty.
  • If the damage caused by the wrong installation, the company will not arrange replacement and / or maintenance, guests need to contact the agent to arrange repairs, guests need to pay the relevant fees
  • One year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong

Installation process:

  • Customers who purchase installation services will charge an installation fee of $1,100
  • The installation fee will be charged by the installer after installation, and Suchprice will not be charged or paid
  • Other customers who purchase installation services, Suchprice and Master will contact you with the relevant installation process details and confirm customer information after confirming the order
  • For details, please call 2601 1101 (Office hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm)