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mierEdu Puzzles Made in China Age 3+

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mierEdu Magnetic Puzzle Box - Space Adventurers

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受到草間彌生(Yayoi Kusama),瑪麗·居里(Marie Curie),尼爾·阿爾登·阿姆斯特朗(Neil Alden Armstrong)和查爾斯·羅伯特·達爾文(Charles Robert Darwin)的啟發,這些磁性盒子的設計旨在鼓勵孩子們夢想更大!有了“太空冒險家”套裝,他們可以去太空旅行並探索遙遠的星系。每組包括兩個場景和30多個磁性拼圖,它們可以打扮自己的角色並創造自己的故事。通過觸摸和感覺,孩子們可以用雙手玩耍以刺激他們的左右腦發育。


  • 品牌:mierEdu
  • 項目:旅行磁性拼圖盒-夢想大-太空冒險家
  • 編號:ME082
  • 分類:創意玩具
  • 包裝:90mm * 203mm * 32mm
  • 包括:磁性盒x 1;磁鐵x 31-34
  • 年齡:3+


    Product Information:

    Inspired by Yayoi Kusama, Marie Curie, Neil Alden Armstrong and Charles Robert Darwin, these magnetic boxes are designed to encourage kids to dream big! With the Space Adventurer set, they can take a trip to space and explore faraway galaxies. Each set includes two scenes and more than 30 magnetic puzzle pieces, where they can dress up their character and invent their own stories. Using touch and feel, kids can play with both hands to stimulate their left and right brain development. 

    • Brand: mierEdu
    • Item : Travel Magnetic Puzzle Box - Dream Big - Space Adventurer
    • Item No: ME082
    • Category: Creative Toy
    • Package:  90mm * 203mm * 32mm
    • Include: Magnetic Case x 1; Magnets x 31 - 34
    • Age: 3+